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My story. gosh... the story.

to everyone out there- this is the story...

I was a single Mom.

Three beautiful children.

I had a beautiful life- and I think it's important to say- life has its curved roads.

I bought this white house you see all by myself- I bought it when it was completely forgotten.

It was old, and the roof was peeling up...

The yard was overgrown- and the walls were brown.

it had been left alone for a very long time...

I noticed the windows- the light- it sat on a large corer lot in a community lathered in trees...

I knew this was where the kids needed to land. It was three blocks from the old house- it felt like home.

It was the very first home I had ever bought on my own- alone.

And I remember slowly painting the walls white.

I remember choosing beauty- and finding it in every corner of the forgotten space.

My Mother came to help me lay the wallpaper.

I hung one new light at a time.

I worked full time and came home at night- to imagine this home to life.

I sold and designed beautiful luxury homes... and I remember people being so concerned about so many details... when I was just trying to come home and save enough to replace the roof...

I remember knowing- that so many- get caught up in so much- in the middle of so many blessings....

I truly believe in beauty.

it has saved me again and again... and reminded me that even when life is hard, or chaotic, or sad... you can make anything around you beautiful.

This home you see- in the middle of me making so many homes beautiful for others- was a labor of love... for my children.

If there is one thing I have learned- after finding myself again- in the midst of brokenness- it is this-

Beauty is our birthright-

home is our nest-

invest in the place your family lands...

invest in how it makes you feel.

invest in how it pours into you every morning... and every night before bed.

I truly believe in making every home beautiful.

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